Business Matching | Why not kindle a light to your business?

Advantages for Japanese companies


Business expansion

We will help you import new products for competitive differentiation in your new line of business or assist in the expansion of your existing business.
If you do not have experience and expertise in overseas transactions or you prefer not to import products for differentiation purposes but cannot find any or feel concerned about import transactions, for example, please let us know your needs. (Free registration)

Development of suppliers

With our lengthy experience and the performance gained from our 20-years of import transactions, we will introduce you products that will meet your needs with reliable suppliers through our strong personal connections and networks throughout the world.
Our goal is to serve as your sole agency in Japan and help you transact your original products for competitive differentiation.
Before introduction, we will thoroughly examine the services of and information on manufacturers. It is appealing that as a professional in overseas transactions, we ensure the development of products as well as suppliers from the viewpoints of our customers.

Cost reduction

In principle, your company will transact directly with the overseas supplier.
Distribution costs can be minimized by simplifying distribution channels through the elimination of all distribution margins associated with trading companies, wholesalers and so on.
Moreover, personal costs can also be reduced since we will provide you with business support that will best suit your conditions until transactions are carried out, without assigning a full-time buyer for negotiations and procedures.
The overall reduction of costs ensures a competitive edge by business matching over business materials.

Continuous follow-up

We will continue to serve as a liaison between you and your overseas supplier not only up to the start of transactions, but also after the commencement of transactions.
We will help you address various problems, convey requests and matters of discussion, provide information from your supplier and so forth, thereby providing you with prompt and detailed services, the services only we can offer with our expertise in the Japanese market's viewpoints and custom.

Contingent business agency

We can also provide import agency services upon request although this is a fee-based service.