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Advantages for overseas companies


Business expansion

We will help you succeed in your new business when you decide to make advances into Japan, a market with great potential.
We will contribute to your business expansion with our 20 years of experience and performance in import transactions and robust distribution networks that cover the entire Japan.

Market expansion

We will serve as a liaison between you and Japan to help you develop the Japanese market as your sales representative.
We will fully familiarize ourselves with your products, such as their marketability and capabilities, and introduce powerful sales agents that befit respective products.

Cost reduction

When you think about advancing into the Japanese market or exporting to Japan, costs of marketing or sales promotion activities often pose a problem or a major obstacle.
If you use our services, however, you will be able to drastically reduce expected costs of activities since you will not have to establish a branch office or hire a full-time sales person.
The threshold into the Japanese market can thus be lowered by minimizing costs incurred by your advance into Japan and export transactions.

Continuous follow-up of customers

We will not only ensure the smooth coordination up to the start of transactions, but also continue to follow up with the agent after the commencement of transactions.
We will promptly feed back information from users as your sales representative.

Information collection

We will provide you with useful information for your company, such as information on the overall Japanese market and industry, not simply information on your supplier.
Please use such information to develop a strategy, improve products or develop business.