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Corporate Profile

Corporate name Yamachi Corporation (Japan Gate Division)
Establishment March 1958
President Akio Yamachi (born in Sapporo in 1955)
Capital 192 million yen (group total)
Head Office Kita 1-Jo Yamachi Bldg., 1-17, North 1, West 10, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
TEL 011-261-9955 (directly connected to Japan Gate; FAX: 011-261-9966)
Tokyo Office TEL. 03-5652-3683
FAX. 03-5652-3689
Line of Business Business matching between Japanese and overseas companies
Group companies
(United Group)
To offer the success and pleasure to the customer who is the client,
we have the vision to start up the business of valuable 100.
Yamachi United Co., Ltd. (supervising company of the Group)
Johnson Homes Co., Ltd. (construction and sales of imported houses)
Anchor Co., Ltd. (rental business for events)
Affiliates Yamachi Industrial Co., Ltd. (hotel management)
Yamachi Furniture Kogyo Co., Ltd. (furniture sales)
Yamachi Kogeisha Co., Ltd. (furniture manufacturing)
Nishimoku Co., Ltd. (furniture manufacturing)
Yamachi Sogyo Co., Ltd. (insurance agency)