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Handling of Personal Information

Our efforts to protect personal information

The Japan Gate Division of Housing Yamachi Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'our company') is committed to respecting the privacy of our customers and protecting their personal information.
We protect the personal information of our customers in all aspects of our business activities by establishing a necessary in-house system and continuing to implement relevant measures.

Privacy Policy (Policy concerning the Handling of Personal Information)

  1. Our company shall educate our employees concerning the protection of personal information and appoint a supervisor for each division that handles personal information, thereby properly managing such information.
  2. In obtaining the personal information of our customers, our company shall specify the objectives of obtaining such information. If personal information needs to be shared with any third party for business purposes, our company shall identify the scope of third parties before obtaining the personal information concerned.
  3. Our company shall use the personal information of our customers within the stated range of uses alone.
  4. If it becomes necessary for our company to use the personal information of our customers beyond the stated range of uses, we shall contact the customers concerned and use their information only with their prior consent.
  5. Our company shall never provide or disclose the personal information of our customers to third parties they have not authorized unless there is a justifiable reason.
    We shall oblige, by contract, third parties with whom to share personal information, based on the authorization of our customers, not to leak or provide such information to others, thereby ensuring that they will properly manage the personal information.
  6. If we receive a request from our customer to reduce the range of uses of personal information or stop such uses, we will respond promptly in accordance with laws and regulations.
  7. Our company is committed to abiding by laws and regulations, including the Personal Information Protection Law, in obtaining, using and storing personal information as well as sharing it with any third party.
  8. For more information about the handling of personal information, please feel free to ask our company.

Handling of personal information

Handling of personal information in the websites administered by our company

1. Collection and utilization of personal information

We collect and use personal information available in our websites in the following cases:

2. Disclaimer concerning the disclosure of personal information

Our company does not disclose any personal information other than information on products / items to any third party. There are cases, however, in which we disclose personal information without obtaining the prior consent of our customers if we receive a formal request for disclosure from a legal institution (e.g. court and police).
If the owner of products / items refuses to upload information on his or her products / items in our websites, please request a deletion of the information directly to our company.

3. Management of personal information

Our company implements proper safety measures, both technologically and organizationally, to protect personal information, and does our utmost to prevent risk by introducing preemptive measures against any loss, falsification or leakage of personal information.